Developer Issue Log

Bournville Stewardship Services are now able to advocate on behalf of residents, You can report any issues you are experiencing to us and we will contact the relevant developer.

We will contact you if you wish, with any feedback and updates.

The table below highlights the develop log for 2019:

Area, Developer Issues Log,
Phase 1A, Developer Issues Phase 1A – 17.09.19
Phase 1B, Developer Issues Phase 1B – 17.09.19
Phase 2, Currently have no issues to report
Phase 3, Phase 3 Breaches – 17.09.19
Phase 4, Developer Issues Phase 4 – 17.09.19
Phase 6, Developer Issues Phase 6 – 17.09.19
Phase 7, Developer Issues Phase 7 – 17.09.19
Phase 8,Developer Issues Phase 8 – 17.09.19 /table]

To report an issue please contact the Stewardship team by phone, 01952 898524 or by email