Lawley Village Management Committee

The Lawley Village Management Committee consists of BVT Trustees and elected Lawley Village residents representatives, with relevant BVT Officers reporting to the committee.

Members of the committee look at all aspects of the Stewardship Services in place in Lawley Village. They help put together and monitor budgets, look at policies and procedures, make decisions on alterations, and in the future, will set standards on the maintenance and management of Lawley Village.

The committee meets 4 times a year, on a Wednesday morning at the Oak Tree Centre in Lightmoor Village. Additional planning and training meetings take place in between on weekdays, evenings and Saturdays.

Your Lawley Village Management Committee Resident Representatives

The residents are here to represent your views on a wide range of issues. They are currently working hard on reviewing the Value For Money of the charge.  Later in the year they will be reviewing the design guide and looking at ways to enhance the environment and the community in general, using the New Community Fund.

 Jim Weir-Vice Chair LVMC
I have lived in Lawley Village for over 6 years. I was attracted to the community in part because of the opportunity to develop a community with shared values and to build a positive community spirit. I have been actively involved in ILCA, and was also a resident representative who worked with IMS to develop the model for the LVMC.

I am a Health and Social Care Consultant and have served on the board of a number of charities and have experience of serving on community boards and have served as Chairman of the Board of a charity. I have also Chaired a EU committee developing standards of care for people with an acquired brain injury.

I hope that I can use this experience to help the community come together to make the LVMC a success.

Amanda Thompson

I have worked within the construction industry for over 12 years as an Architectural Technician, a majority of that time spent working on residential schemes, dealing with developers and constructors. My role has provided me with a good understanding of the planning and design process through to the completion of a scheme which I think will help me within this role.  I currently work part time in this job role allowing me to spend time with my 1 and 3 year old sons within the community.

Working part time also allows me the flexibility to attend estate walkabouts around the phases, giving me opportunity to personally see which of the issued previously identified have been dealt with. I am also in a position to attend the necessary meetings/workshops that is required from the role as a  representative.

David Deen

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