The race has begun for Lawley’s 5K race

BVT are delighted to be partnering with Lawley and Overdale Parish Council and Lawley Running Club for the return of the 5K fun run taking place on Saturday 11 September.

Last year the race was held virtually due to Covid but this year, it’s back in person, although numbers have been restricted, with only 250 places available and these are filling up fast. So don’t miss the finish line, sign up today by going to Entry costs £6 and all proceeds are going to charity, which this year are West Mercia Search and Rescue, and Telford MIND.

We’d love to hear from Lawley businesses able to offer items for the goody bag, which provides a great opportunity to advertise your business to the local community. Whether it’s a money-off voucher, discount or perhaps you’d like to sponsor the bottles of water or sweet treats, we’d be delighted to talk to you. If you’re interested, please contact Steve Lightfoot on

Funding available for community-minded Lawley residents

Bournville Village Trust (BVT) is inviting residents involved in community groups and organisations in Lawley Village to apply for a grant from the Eileen Hewer Community Fund.

Grants of up to £2,000 can be awarded to existing or new community groups and organisations that are based in or benefit Lawley residents. In addition, grants can be given to projects that enhance the environment or provide facilities for the community to use.

Previous grants have paid for kits for children’s football teams, new play equipment for nurseries, supporting the training of a professional coach for Lawley Running Club as well as buying new event equipment for a school.

Nick Freeman, Lawley Estates & Stewardship Manager at Bournville Village Trust, said: “In the past we have awarded grants to groups such as the Lawley Running Club, Lawley Primary School and Puddleducks Nursery.

“Now, groups are starting to be able to meet up again as Covid restrictions are eased, it’s an ideal time to apply for a grant and make a difference to your community.”

Marie Magness, Manager of Puddleducks day nursery commented:

“We were so grateful to receive a grant from the Community Fund, as a charity ourselves, every grant we receive is used to purchase items to enhance the experience for our children. The grant of £1,500 enabled us to purchase outside play equipment and toys.”

The Eileen Hewer Community Fund was established in 2017 by the Lawley Village Management Committee in remembrance of Eileen who passed away in 2016.

Eileen was a Lawley Village resident who worked tirelessly to make sure residents’ voices were heard through her role as chair of Lawley Village Community Association and as a member of the Lawley Management Committee.

Applications can be made at any time and they are approved by members of the Lawley Management Committee. Information about the community fund and the downloadable application form are available at

Bournville Village Trust is a community-based housing association and registered charity. Its mission is to create and sustain communities where people can thrive. The charity provides services to 8,000 homes and 25,000 people in Birmingham and Telford. For more information about Bournville Village Trust, go to

For further details about the Eileen Hewer Community Fund, please contact the BVT Lawley Estates & Stewardship team on 01952 898524 or email

Update to new BVT Lawley Village Estates and Stewardship team

Earlier this year following your feedback, we announced a new structure for the BVT Estates and Stewardship team to ensure we provide a visible, quality service that provides value for money. New team members will be joining us in the next few weeks and we’ll be introducing you to the team and their responsibilities, all of whom will be working solely in Lawley. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to Donna who joined us recently as Customer Communications Officer.

Donna will be responsible for our social media pages and websites and other communications to help keep residents up to date. So to keep up to date, please follow us on:

Statement – Fairy Woods


As working partners across the Lawley Development, we have been made aware of plans to develop an area of woodland known as the Fairy Woods and to extend it to include use of existing Rights of Way/Trails.

This development had plans to include a defined trail, picnic benches/area and security management, with a fundraising campaign launched to achieve this.

It is great that the community wants to do projects and is something that all parties actively encourage. However, there had been no dialogue with the landowners/partners beforehand. We would encourage early dialogue regarding any potential projects prior to any announcements or works being undertaken.

We need to make it clear that this area is a wildlife corridor with natural habitat to be retained, and that no development or installation of structures is permitted. The proposed extension to the trail to incorporate parts of  the Ironbridge Way and the Lawley & Overdale History Trail are already existing Public Rights of Way and would need permissions to change any aspects of them, and none would be granted on this occasion.  Anything that has already been erected will need to be removed.

Whilst we all appreciate the sentiments, the area is public open space/rights of way, with free access for all residents to enjoy and cannot be sectioned off to identify specific parts. We are all trying to work together for the right reasons and we’re not out to spoil anyone’s fun. We all want our open spaces to be clean, green and safe for everyone’s enjoyment, now and in the future.


Working partners of the Lawley Development

Microsoft Digital Skills Offer

Microsoft, Linkedin & Github are offering free access to their learning resources to help those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Learning Resources

Take a look below for more information on the resources available and how they can help you.

Digital Skills PDF

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Digital Learning Pathway

See more information below about the free course available, from learning to work with computers to learning pathways designed for specific roles, there is something for everyone.

Digital Learning Pathway PDF

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Current Vacancies

Creating and sustaining communities where people can thrive isn’t a pipedream, at Bournville Village Trust (BVT) it is our mission.

At BVT, we look for talented people from a wide range of backgrounds who are adaptable in an ever-changing environment and just as passionate about achieving our mission as we are.

Our values of partnership, fairness, quality, integrity and innovation guide everything that we do and we aspire to have a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Career opportunities at BVT are designed to be agile and centred on personal and professional development, whilst creating an environment where wellbeing and work-life balance is a key part of our culture.

If you find our values as inspiring as we do and would like to play your part in achieving our mission, we now have an opportunity to join us.

Current Vacancies


Lawley Neighbourhood Manager

Lawley Neighbourhood Manager

Two Year Fixed Term

£35,745 – £38,890 per annum (Job closes 06 March 2021)

Working together is at the heart of building strong, successful neighbourhoods. Lawley Village is the largest new development in Telford and will comprise of over 3,500 new homes, with shops, schools and community amenities.

We are already a community with a vision for what we want to achieve for our residents.  We are seeking a Lawley Neighbourhood Manager to drive our ambitious plans for Lawley, making it the best place to live and work in the region.

You will report directly to the newly formed Lawley Neighbourhood Board, and be responsible for the effective co-ordination and delivery of the Lawley neighbourhood development, working in partnership with key stakeholders including the resident led Lawley Management Committee and Bournville Village Trust, Telford & Wrekin and other stakeholders to deliver excellent services that meet the needs of the local community.

Through Board and community engagement, you will deliver a Lawley Neighbourhood Plan that identifies the needs of the community, bringing together the agencies and services that can achieve this. The role requires experience of delivering at a strategic level, across a number of key areas including the delivery of housing development projects, community engagement, multi-agency partnership work in the public sector.

This is an exciting opportunity that brings together agencies and the community to ensure that Lawley is more than just a place to live, but a place to thrive. For more information and to apply please visit 

Altering the External Doors to Your Property

Are you considering making an alteration to the doors at your property?

If you are thinking about making an alteration to any external door on the property approval is needed from Bournville Stewardship Services.

Did you know each area is planned with its own character designs? It is the role of the Stewardship Team to ensure those character styles remain to keep the village looking like a great place to live.


Apply to make an alteration to your door.


Installing an additional door

If you are thinking about installing an additional door, here are a few things we would need with your application:

  • A plan highlighting the location the door is to be installed (To scale where possible).
  • A picture of the proposed door.
  • A picture of the existing door.
  • The material specifications of the door to be installed.


Changing the design of your external door/s

In some cases it may not be possible to change the style of your external doors. Within Lawley Village there are pattern schemes which need to be retained where possible, if you reside in a phase which has multiple styles of doors it may be possible to change to a different style.

If you reside in a property where the street has a consistent design which does not differ, the style will need to remain the same.

If you are not sure what styles are available to you, please contact us.


Changing the colour of your external doors.

It may be possible to change the colour of your external doors depending on the patterns and schemes in your area. If you are looking to change the colour of your door, you may wish to contact the Stewardship Team prior to submitting an application to ensure you are able to do this. When you get in touch, an Estates Officer will visit the phase you reside on in order to see what options you are able to change to.

There are some streets where changing the colour would not be possible. For example, if the street you reside on has doors that are the same colour, this is a specific character scheme that will need to be retained.


Design guidance

All additional external or garage doors, or alterations to existing external doors or garage doors, require written approval from Bournville Stewardship Services.

Changing the door colour may be permitted if the proposed colour is in keeping with the colours used on that area of the Village.

If additional alterations are permitted you will be expected to use materials which match or compliment the original materials at your property.

For more information and guidance, please see the Property Alterations Design Guide.


Making External Alterations to Your Property

Do you want to make an alteration to the exterior of your property such as a satellite dish, garden landscaping, or even an extension?

If you are looking to make external alterations to your property and grounds we are here to help.

The covenants contained within your Transfer document (TP1) and the Property Alterations Design Guide restrict what alterations Bournville Stewardship Services can give approval for.*

Bournville Stewardship Services’ Estate Officers are available for pre-application consultations, where we can discuss any alterations you are considering.


Contact our Estates Officers for pre-application advice.

View the Property Alterations Design Guide for more information and guidance.


Why do I need to apply to make an alteration to my property?

The requirement to have your application approved is to ensure:

  • Your financial investment is protected.
  • You can enjoy your home.
  • Neighbours do not make alterations that have a negative impact on the enjoyment or emotional and financial investment of your property.
  • The estate remains visually pleasing and kept to a good standard, and is a great place to live.
  • To meet all the requirements of your TP1 to ensure that any future sales complete smoothly in a timely manner.


How do I make an application?

Making an application is easy. You can fill out an application form online.

All you need to do is:

  • Fill out your details and answer a few questions.
  • Upload a photograph and/or drawing of what you want to do
  • Upload a sketch or photograph of where the alteration will be.
  • Describe the materials you wish to use.
  • And submit!


How long will this process take?

The process will take between 28 and 42 days, dependant on what you wish to alter/install and if a consultation with neighbours is required.


What should I expect once the application is submitted?

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement email as receipt of your application within two working days of submitting it.

Your allocated Estates Officer will then contact you directly with an acknowledgement or request for further information email within 7 working days of your initial acknowledgement.

If the Estates Officer does not need additional information, or to consult with other residents, you will receive your decision letter within 28 days.

If a consultation with neighbours is required you can expect to receive your decision within 42 days.

A first stage approval given is valid for 3 years and can be subject to some specific requirements.  Please see your approval letter for more details. If this time lapses or you decide to change materials you will need to re-apply.  If you need help please speak to an Estates Officer.


What if my application is refused?

On occasion, due to TP1 covenants, the Design Guide restrictions and significant objections from any consultation, Bournville Stewardship Services may have no choice but to refuse your application.

At this time, you will receive a formal letter stating the reasons for this decision.  You will then be invited to appeal the decision, in writing, within 28 days stating the reasons you believe this decision is wrong.

The appeal will be reviewed by the Lawley Management Committee who will look at the application, the Officer’s original decision, and any new information the resident has supplied. Following this a final decision will be made.


What if I have already made an alteration without applying?

You will need to have an approval letter from Bournville Stewardship Services for alterations if you wish to sell your property. We can assist with this.

You can complete an application form in the same way as a new application. On the form you will be asked if this is a retrospective application, please tick the yes box. Please also include photographs of the completed alteration. Your application will then be processed in the same way as a new application.



*Please be aware that permitted development rights have been removed by Telford & Wrekin Council, we will be able to advise if you will need planning permission from the council for your alteration.


Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installations (Including Courtyards)

Are you considering purchasing an Electric Vehicle?

Are you considering having an Electric Vehicle Charging Point (EVCP) installed?

Are you concerned that your parking space is not adjacent to your property but is within a courtyard?

If you are looking to have an EVCP installed, Bournville Stewardship Services can offer you advice and guidance, and look to give approval. For advice and guidance, please contact us.

Apply for an EVCP here.

Approval can be given for an EVCP to be installed within a courtyard parking space.

You will need to ensure that:

  • The EVCP can be installed within your parking space.
  • The EVCP should be no higher than 1.6M from the level of the surface used for parking vehicles.
  • The electrical outlet must not exceed 0.2 cubic metres and must not face the road.
  • The EVCP must be situated 2M or more from the highway.
  • There is only one upstand per parking space.
  • If any lifting of slabs or if digging takes place, this must be returned to original condition at the time of installation.

Did you know that the Government has an Electric Vehicle Home Charging Scheme?

More information can be found here.