Bournville Stewardship Services Team

What does the Landscape Operative do?
The Landscape Operative works in the Village on a daily basis (Monday- Friday) maintaining the visual appearance of the public open spaces in Bournville Stewardship Services ownership and provides a presence in the community.  Some of the services provided by the Landscape Operative include grass and hedge cutting, weed and moss control and refilling grit bins.  These services are provided by the developer until the area is handed over to Bournville Stewardship Services.  The Landscape Operative litter picks across the Village regardless of ownership excluding the Village centre.  If you are in doubt over who currently owns the land please contact Bournville Stewardship Services.

What does the Estates Manager do?
John Haywood, Estates Manager, is responsible for the estate management function at Lawley Village including enforcing covenants, giving advice to residents on all estate matters (including property alterations) and communicating with the Developers and other stakeholders.

To ensure that Stewardship is sustainable John manages the long term financial model and business plans in addition to constantly monitoring expenditure and setting annual budgets.  John’s role is  partly funded through the Community Charge.

What does the Assistant Estates Officers do?
Nicola Kennedy and Darren Helwig work alongside John Haywood, to deliver the day to day management of the estate, ensuring that the Bournville Stewardship Services’ responsibilities are met and the covenants are enforced, and that the areas under its control are well maintained.  Alexandra and Darren are the residents first point of contact for Estate Management issues.  Their role is partly funded through the Community Charge.

What does the Community Development and Involvement Manager do?
Fleur Hemming is the Bournville Stewardship Services Community Development and Involvement Manager.  Fleur is responsible for working with residents to develop and move forward your   involvement in the management of Lawley Village and developing your community.  This also includes supporting residents groups and activities and provides residents with opportunities to build community bonds through events in the local area.  Fleur’s role is funded by Bournville Village Trust.

What does the Community Development and Involvement Assistants do?
 Jill Holland and Sian Prescott provide support to Fleur Hemming in the delivery of the Community Development and Residents Involvement functions.