Community Charge Update

We are aware that during 2020, Covid affected a number of services normally provided by the BVT Estates and Stewardship service. Therefore following consultation with the Lawley Management Committee (LMC), it has been agreed a proportional refund would be provided to all residents. This will be an estimated £75 per household who paid the community charge for the full 12 months of 2020.

Refunds will vary if you didn’t reside in Lawley Village for the full 12 months and a letter confirming the details will be sent to each household before the end of July.

If you rent your home from BVT the refund will be offset against the community charge for 2022.

If you rent your home from Wrekin Housing Group or Sanctuary Housing the refund will be made directly to your housing provider. If you have any queries concerning this, please contact your housing provider directly.

The options for the refund are:

•  For it to be paid onto your BVT Community Charge or rent account and remain as a credit to be offset against next year’s charge

• You can be refunded by bank transfer (the letter will give information on how to provide your bank details securely).

Please note if you are in arrears with your community charge we will credit the refund to your account to offset against the amount outstanding.

Shortly we’ll be uploading a form here to enable you to state which refund option you require. If you know someone who is unable to complete a form on-line, please telephone 01952 898524.