Community Charge

The community and village management services delivered by BVT in Lawley Village are financed through the Community Charge.

The Community Charge is a flat rate and is the same for each property. All householders (owner occupiers, shared ownership and rented) pay exactly the same amount.

The level of the charge is reviewed annually and set by the Resident Representatives and Trustees on the Lawley Village Management Committee.

Some of the items that are paid for through the Community Charge are:

  • Maintenance of open space under our ownership
  • Running and repair costs of the lighting under our ownership
  • Community events
  • Community support structure
  • Community communications and literature
  • The Wear and Tear Fund (funds set aside for the replacement of items in the future)
  • Insurance
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants
  • Staffing and office running costs

The Community Charge is only spent on services provided for the benefit of Lawley Village and its residents. It is purely there for the management and community development of Lawley Village. We do not spend the Community Charge money on any areas that are not our responsibility and no funds go towards the construction of the development.

To help residents understand how the money is spent, we provide annual statements and hold Community Charge Workshops throughout the year. The workshops provide residents with the opportunity to find out more about the Community Charge and to ask any questions they may have.

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