Frequently Asked Questions – Community Involvement

Our residents often have questions they wish to ask Bournville Village Trust (BVT). This section points you to the frequently asked questions related to Community Involvement in Lawley Village.

What is Community Involvement?
Community Involvement is about you, as residents, getting involved to make a difference to the community you live in.  It is your opportunity to have your say on the services we provide to you and influence how Lawley Village is managed.  It is up to you how you get involved and we currently provide many ways to do this.It also assists in building vibrant and empowered communities.

What events do you organise?
BVT organise events throughout the year and a calendar of events for 2021 can be viewed here, this will be updated regularly.  BVT  organise events from something as simple as a residents coffee morning to working alongside and sponsoring partner agency events.  We also encourage residents to help us organise events.  If you have any community events or ideas please contact the Community Team on 01952 898524 or by email at

If you have a question that is not answered here or would like more information on any of the answers please contact the Lawley Village BVT Team on 01952 898524 or email