Your Community

In Lawley Village there is a dedicated Community Development and Involvement Team, that works alongside Lawley Village residents to engage and encourage them to share in decisions that affect the community and encourage residents to get involved in helping to plan events and activities throughout the year to bring the community together.

The Team aims to engage and to encourage residents in making the Lawley Village community a great place to live and to ensure that is:

  • A good and safe place to live
  • A place where people are valued and everyone is able to make a contribution
  • A place where the community can come together
  • Encourages and includes vulnerable and older people
  • Involving young people in contributing to the community in a positive way
  • Supports and grows community groups
  • A place where opportunities exist and are promoted to improve individuals’ health and well-being
  • A programme of community events and activities are planned throughout the year. Residents are invited to take part in organising and planning events at the Event Planning Group that meet once a month at Horsehay Golf Centre.

You can find out when events and activities will be taking place throughout the year by viewing the events calendar here.

If you would like to get involved or would like further information, please contact the Community Team by email or phone, 01952 898524.