Areas of Responsibility/contact details

We know it can be confusing as to who is responsible for areas within Lawley Village. While the Village is still in the building phase, there will be changes of responsibility between the developers and BVT.

As the Long Term Stewardship Provider Bournville Village Trust (BVT) will contact partner agencies on any resident’s behalf and so will act as a single point of contact, particularly where responsibility is complex or disputed. If you are unsure which Developer is responsible for any issues, please contact us and we will contact the Developer Group on your behalf.

Contact details are as follows:

BVT Lawley website:
Phone: 01952 898524

Telford & Wrekin
Reporting Portal (Report It) –
Useful Numbers –
Switchboard – 01952 380000

Lawley Village Developer


Area Image Who’s Responsible



Adopted – Telford & Wrekin Council


Un-adopted – Lawley Village Developer Group


Adopted roads have been accepted as part of the public highway network by the Borough Council and other related agencies.
Un-adopted roads are generally still under construction and remain under the control of the responsible developer.


The Police and other enforcement agencies are still able to enforce some aspects of road traffic law, such as the Road Traffic Act 1988, on un-adopted roads.

Footpaths & Pavements


Adopted – Telford & Wrekin Council


Un-adopted – Lawley Village Developer Group

Public Open Space



Mixed between BVT & Lawley Village Developer Group – check with BVT for any areas of concern.


Playgrounds Telford & Wrekin Council



Lawley Centre

(all aspects except Covenant Control)


BVT do not manage or maintain Lawley Centre but there are several agencies responsible for various aspects of the area – please contact BVT about any issues encountered in Lawley Centre and we will identify the correct partner to rectify the issue on your behalf.


Courtyards/Shared Parking Areas BVT in nearly all circumstances.


Lawley Village Developer Group whilst under construction but occupied.

Individual Property Faults/Warranty Issues Individual developers – contact details can be found at


Please note BVT cannot normally get individual property issues – residents should contact NHBC if the issue cannot be resolved with the developer.

Covenant (TP1) Control



Any issue, regardless of which organisation is responsible, can be reported to BVT using the contact details above and we will report them to our partners. This allows BVT to build a picture of issues and trends and to work with our partners to address matters where trends are identified across the village – however we would ask residents to also report these matters directly so they can be kept informed directly of progress and expected timelines etc.