Covenants and Breaches

Covenants are the legal agreements made between residents and Bournville Stewardship Services when the property transfer, lease or tenancy agreement was signed.  Covenants set out the role and responsibilities of Bournville Stewardship Services, to collect the Community Charge and require residents to perform certain actions, for example, to apply for consent to make alterations to their property and maintain the appearance of their property.

Residents must follow the rules and agreements (the covenants).  If they do not and ‘breach’ the covenant, the breach procedure will be implemented. Bournville Stewardship Services will contact the resident involved and work with them to resolve the breach.  If this is not successful then Bournville Stewardship Services can take legal action against the resident to rectify the breach.

Resident Representatives for Lawley Village worked with Bournville Stewardship Services to look at the way that covenants are enforced. Following the implementation of the breach procedure in 2018, further work was undertaken to show residents the breaches that have taken place, and the performance of Bournville Stewardship Services in enforcing the covenants.

The breach procedure can be viewed Here and the Frequently asked Questions can be viewed Here

The table below highlights the breaches that have taken place in 2020:

*Due to Covid-19 the Stewardship Team haven’t been able to attend Estates Inspections to monitor new and existing breaches. Once it is safe for the Team to attend the Estate Inspections, the below information will be updated*

The above table will be updated each week following that week’s Estate Checks.

To talk to us about covenants or breaches, please call 01952 898524 or email