Design Guide Review

The Lawley Village Stewardship Scheme is in place to ensure that the design and character of the development is maintained to a high standard and to build a sense of community.

This revised Design Guide is the first revision to be entirely resident lead.  We have tried to incorporate the feedback from residents, whilst seeking to maintain the visual amenity of the development and meet the legal obligations signed when you purchased your property.

We have tried to minimise any unnecessary red tape and to give clear guidance to residents.

At the back of the guide, we provide detailed guidance on extensions, including the 45º rule.  Please read this detailed guidance before embarking on any structural changes to your property.

There were difficult decisions to make and the panel went into some detail to ensure that all views were considered.

For example, all of the resident panel wanted to encourage green energy and where possible allow solar panels.  However, the current design of these panels would significantly impact the look of the roof-scape which is an integral part of the design of the village.  In the near future, solar tiles will be available which would eliminate this problem.  Our decision therefore was to only allow solar panels which sit on top of the roof on elevations which cannot be seen from public areas, but to keep this under review as the technology develops.

We know that there are a wide range of opinions and strong feelings about these rules.

We hope they reflect the consensus.

Click on the following link to view a copy of revised Design Guide Lawley Design Guide Dec 19

We would appreciate if you could send us your comments regarding the Design Guide through the comments form below.

Design Guide Review Feedback

Design Guide Review Feedback