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Estate Dates 2017


In addition to their regular estate inspections, the Estates Team invite residents to join them for Estates Dates, where you can show them any issues you have.

In Lawley Village you can meet a member of the Estates Team outside the meeting points below:
Phase 1A   (Abrahams Way and the Forge) meet outside Lawley Primary School on  Arleston Lane
Phase 1B (Wenlock Square and Clover Mead) meet outside play area on Smallhill Road
Phase 4 (Forest Glen, Coppice Grove and Webbs Meadow) meet outside David Wilson Sales Office
Phase 3 (Forest Glen, Coppice Grove and Webbs Meadow)  meet at Junction of Wrekin Way Footpath
Phase 6 (Woodland View) meet outside Taylor Wimpey Sales Office on Dawley Road
Phase 2 Lawley Square meet outside Morrisons
Phase 8 (Newdale Valley) meet outside Permission Sales Office
For more information please contact the Estates Team on 01952 898524 or email

Month Date Time Area
January Thursday 12th 6.00pm Phase 1A
January Thursday 26th 6.00pm Phase 1B
February Thursday 9th 6.00pm Phase 2 Lawley Square
March Thursday 9th 6.00pm Phase 3
March Thursday 23rd 6.00pm Phase 4
April Thursday 13th 6.00pm Phase 6
April Thursday 27th 6.00pm Phase 8
May Thursday 25th 6.00pm Phase 1A
June Thursday 1st 6.00pm Phase 1B
June Thursday 15th 6.00pm Phase 2 Lawley Square
July Thursday 6th 6.00pm Phase 3
July Thursday 20th 6.00pm Phase 4
July Thursday 27th 6.00pm Phase 6
August Thursday 10th 6.00pm Phase 8
September Thursday 7th 6.00pm Phase 1A
September Thursday 21st 6.00pm Phase 1B
October Thursday 5th 6.00pm Phase 2 Lawley Square
November Thursday  2nd 6.00pm Phase 3
November Thursday 16th 6.00pm Phase 4
November Thursday 30th 6.00pm Phase 6
December Thursday 14th 6.00pm Phase 8

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