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Update on the IRS fault affecting part of Lawley Village


The developer group requested some works last week to move the main cable that connects phase 1A to 1B. This involved cutting the main fibre optic cable and splicing together the individual fibres. Whilst the majority of this work was successful, we became aware of an issue where a proportion of the residents were not receiving the a full signal.

The developer group’s contractor has been out since Monday morning trying to rectify the issue, unfortunately they have been hampered by the weather and this has caused further problems and delays, despite working late into the evening they have been unable to reconnect all properties.

We have spoken to them again this morning and they have a team out on site trying to get all the connections completed and all residents reconnected. We have been advised that they will inform us when the works are complete and we will provide an update to residents.

Residents are advised that they may need to reset their Sky / Freeview boxes and to keep checking to see if they are receiving  a signal throughout the day.

If residents wish to complain about the IRS service, they should contact the relevant developer customer service team;

Barratt – 0121 501 6347

Taylor Wimpey – 01543 496700

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