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Winter Gritting

Grit Bins

In preparation for the onset of adverse weather conditions, Bournville Stewardship Services have supplied road salt bins, road salt and a scoop in each of the courtyards and shared areas across Lawley. The road salt has been supplied for residents to spread over the communal courtyards and shared areas.

Please use sparingly as supplies are limited. A small amount of salt spread evenly across a wide area will be more effective than pouring large amounts of salt in patches.

Please note, for the road salt to be most effective it is important to spread it on the ground before the ice forms, this usually means the evening before icy conditions are forecast.

Each bin is numbered, so if salt stocks are running low, please contact the Estates Team, quoting the grit bin number, so that we can refill the bin as quickly as possible.

Email the Estates Team on or call  01952 898524


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