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Reporting Developer Issues

Residents ask how Bournville Stewardship Services work with residents and partner organisations to assist in fixing issues on the development, here is an example of some of the great work taking place from one of the Estates Officers, Nicola Kennedy.

The Estates Team were notified by a residents regarding their concerns about a BT cover that kept being moved out of place by large vehicles. The resident was concerned about the risk of someone, particularly a child, falling down the hole, and he kept replacing the cover into position.

After the issue was reported to Nicola, she contacted the developer responsible. She kept chasing this up with them, whilst keeping the residents informed of any feedback, and made regular checks to see if any progress has been made.

Yesterday the cover has been made right, and a bollard installed to prevent any vehicle cutting the corner and causing additional damage.

Residents are able to report any issues on the Lawley Village development directly to Bournville Stewardship Services, and from today can see a list of issues that been reported so far this year to the developers Here

If you would like to report an issue, you can call us on 01952 898524, email us on or contact us on social media. We are always happy to help

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