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Following the changes announced last year in the way the Lawley Stewardship scheme will be managed, we have been working with the newly elected resident led Lawley Management Committee (LMC) to listen and understand your concerns about how the current services are delivered.  The committee and the team have been working on a strategic review of how the service will be structured going forward and today we are ready to announce the first stage of the changes we plan.

In response to this, BVT will re-structure the Estates and Stewardship team in Lawley Village to help us achieve this.  The new service  will deliver the high quality services you want and to ensure that they are value for money, proactive, visible and accountable. The new service will be based in Lawley and further announcements on this will follow.

As part of this restructuring, we have advertised a number of the new posts including the introduction of a new Estate Caretaking Service. This is in line with the current income and so will not impact on the charge.

In February 2021, LMC also approved a 5 year freeze on your Stewardship Charge as part of our commitment to deliver high quality and value for money services, working with residents to provide services you have asked for.

The Estate Caretaker Service will provide a visible presence within the Village and keeping it green, tidy, clean and safe. A place where you are proud to live and work.

We hope to have the new team up and running in May 2021.  We will provide you with more details about the changes to the service soon.  In the meantime, below are the links to the jobs available in Lawley Village (as well as Lightmoor).  Take a look and if you are interested in any of them, why not apply; we will welcome all applications but are particularly keen to encourage local residents to apply.

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