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Making External Alterations to Your Property

Do you want to make an alteration to the exterior of your property such as a satellite dish, garden landscaping, or even an extension?

If you are looking to make external alterations to your property and grounds we are here to help.

The covenants contained within your Transfer document (TP1) and the Property Alterations Design Guide restrict what alterations Bournville Stewardship Services can give approval for.*

Bournville Stewardship Services’ Estate Officers are available for pre-application consultations, where we can discuss any alterations you are considering.


Contact our Estates Officers for pre-application advice.

View the Property Alterations Design Guide for more information and guidance.


Why do I need to apply to make an alteration to my property?

The requirement to have your application approved is to ensure:

  • Your financial investment is protected.
  • You can enjoy your home.
  • Neighbours do not make alterations that have a negative impact on the enjoyment or emotional and financial investment of your property.
  • The estate remains visually pleasing and kept to a good standard, and is a great place to live.
  • To meet all the requirements of your TP1 to ensure that any future sales complete smoothly in a timely manner.


How do I make an application?

Making an application is easy. You can fill out an application form online.

All you need to do is:

  • Fill out your details and answer a few questions.
  • Upload a photograph and/or drawing of what you want to do
  • Upload a sketch or photograph of where the alteration will be.
  • Describe the materials you wish to use.
  • And submit!


How long will this process take?

The process will take between 28 and 42 days, dependant on what you wish to alter/install and if a consultation with neighbours is required.


What should I expect once the application is submitted?

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement email as receipt of your application within two working days of submitting it.

Your allocated Estates Officer will then contact you directly with an acknowledgement or request for further information email within 7 working days of your initial acknowledgement.

If the Estates Officer does not need additional information, or to consult with other residents, you will receive your decision letter within 28 days.

If a consultation with neighbours is required you can expect to receive your decision within 42 days.

A first stage approval given is valid for 3 years and can be subject to some specific requirements.  Please see your approval letter for more details. If this time lapses or you decide to change materials you will need to re-apply.  If you need help please speak to an Estates Officer.


What if my application is refused?

On occasion, due to TP1 covenants, the Design Guide restrictions and significant objections from any consultation, Bournville Stewardship Services may have no choice but to refuse your application.

At this time, you will receive a formal letter stating the reasons for this decision.  You will then be invited to appeal the decision, in writing, within 28 days stating the reasons you believe this decision is wrong.

The appeal will be reviewed by the Lawley Management Committee who will look at the application, the Officer’s original decision, and any new information the resident has supplied. Following this a final decision will be made.


What if I have already made an alteration without applying?

You will need to have an approval letter from Bournville Stewardship Services for alterations if you wish to sell your property. We can assist with this.

You can complete an application form in the same way as a new application. On the form you will be asked if this is a retrospective application, please tick the yes box. Please also include photographs of the completed alteration. Your application will then be processed in the same way as a new application.



*Please be aware that permitted development rights have been removed by Telford & Wrekin Council, we will be able to advise if you will need planning permission from the council for your alteration.


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