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New Speedwatch group for Lawley in progress.

Residents as well as many agencies including BVT have expressed concern regarding speeding issues in the Village. All partners of the Lawley Partnership Board are working towards the installation of speed cameras on the trunk routes through Lawley. But, in the meantime we are also interested in hearing from any residents who would like to be part of a new community speedwatch group. These groups are resident led, although BVT are happy to support with administration if required and work closely with West Mercia Police.
The group would, under Police supervision, set up and operate speed monitoring in specified locations across Lawley. Drivers caught speeding by the volunteers receive a warning letter from the police, intended to educate them about the dangers of speeding. If caught a second time, the driver will receive a more severe final warning letter and if caught a third time, it can lead to enforcement and prosecution.
If you’d like to discuss this further, please call 01952 898524 or email
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