Lawley Design Guide – Your request/our response


Your request Our response
Make it clear what is permitted and what is not with examples Advice has been made clearer where appropriate and colour coded symbols used to clarify if permission is needed.
You need to discuss replacing timber windows. There are hundreds on Phase 1a & 1B We received a few comments regarding windows and replacements, so advice has been added in the ‘windows’ policy
An online interactive version would be better An online version is now available from here. We are in the process of including navigation buttons and links for ease of use.
The process is far too long winded and people don’t have time to wait for approval especially for minor things. Also BVT’s own properties look a mess and nothing is ever done. A newly formed dedicated team for Lawley Village will ensure timeframes for responses will be as stated. The Estates & Stewardship team will work with our Assets and Housing teams to look at painting programmes and tenant visits where applicable.
Some alterations I know people have done or asked to do would enhance the look of the property and the area but have been refused or been asked to change back to the original state. The new Design Guide should help avoid this situation, as it will support residents with clearer guidance. In addition, more communications around the Guide will help achieve better understanding.
It’s our home we should be able to do what we want. You do not enforce any changes anyway, they have been happening all over the Village. Lawley is a managed Estate, which means residents signed up to the covenants at the time of purchase. We are applying flexibility where possible but as long term stewards we are obliged to retain the look and character of the Village. When breaches take place, BVT will follow the process as explained in the Design Guide.
I believe we should be allowed to change our garden as we wish. It’s our property and things like no removal of hedges etc should be allowed. The hedges in our garden were not on our original plan, so its unfair we can’t remove them. Rules around back gardens have been reviewed and provide more flexibility.

We will be looking and revising where needed the information produced for solicitors, welcome packs and meetings for new residents.

How would I apply for an alteration if I did not have internet access? The Estates & Stewardship Team will support residents and can add an application on-line when required.
I think it’s unfair we have to come through BVT but then also have to go through the council to gain permission for what should be a permitted development. Permitted developed has been removed for Lawley Village. The Design Guide has been updated to explain the roles of BVT and TWC.
Maybe have somebody come out to talk to us and support the process to enable things to go through more efficiently We encourage residents to contact Estates Officers prior to submitting an application to seek advice and support. Estate Officers will find a day and time to suit residents.
It’s mentioned in the guide that people are expected to use materials, which match the originals currently on the property. It may help if you could provide a list of places where these materials may be sourced. An information sheet is being prepared and will be added to the website.
If alterations are rejected, a valid reason could be given. Residents need to be able to understand why an improvement on their property is not allowed. The Estates & Stewardship officers and managers have recently received training on writing decision reports and letters in relation to alterations, so communications are clear and consistent for residents. We have updated our processes to ensure this happens in the future.
I think you need to explain more about why the restrictions are in place and the aim of the overall look of the estate. Information is clearer in the Design Guide and more information will be added to the website about character areas and design.

If you have any queries or would like support with an application, please contact