Lawley Management Committee Elections 2022

Would you like to support Lawley Village community in ensuring views and decisions are made with residents voices in mind?

If so, we’re inviting you to stand for election on the Lawley Management Committee, where you will be able to make a positive difference to your village and the services received from BVT. You can hear more about the role and committee by watching this video of current Lawley Management Chair Jay and BVT Lawley Village Estates & Stewardship Manager Nick here

The Committee has been reshaped to be resident led and to have greater oversight and authority of BVT’s estate and stewardship activities in Lawley Village in line with BVT policies (see terms of reference here

To be eligible to put yourself forward for election, you will need;

– To be 18 years old or above
– Live in Lawley Village (homeowners, tenants and leaseholders can apply, one candidate per household)
– To not be disqualified from acting as a member of the Committee which includes reasons such as bankruptcy or certain unspent criminal convictions.

For the role profile and person specification click here

If you wish to nominate yourself, you can simply complete this form here

With the form, you will need to submit a candidate profile of no more than 400 words and a photograph of yourself. Both of which will be reproduced and shared with residents as part of the voting process.

An independent assessment panel will check applicants meet the eligibility criteria before they are selected as candidates for election. The election process will be carried out independently by electoral reform service Mi-Voice ensuring a fair and transparent process.

All homeowners, tenants and leaseholders that live in Lawley Village will be invited to vote for their preferred candidates when voting opens from Friday 9th September 2022 until Friday 7th October 2022.

You will be able to vote online or by completing a ballot paper which will be posted to you along with a brief overview of the process, nomination statements from candidates (including photographs) and a pre-paid envelope.

Joining the Committee really is a powerful opportunity to make a difference to your Village, community and the stewardship services that you receive from BVT.

The deadline for nominations is 9am on Monday 22nd August. If you have any questions about nominating yourself or the voting process, please contact us at