New Lawley BVT Estates & Stewardship team structure

Over the past few months Bournville Village Trust (BVT) with Lawley Management Committee (LMC) and Lawley Village Community Association (LVCA) have worked together to agree key priorities to improve the service provided to Lawley Village residents. This includes a new BVT Estates and Stewardship team structure, which will have specific responsibility for Lawley, at no additional charge to residents. We will be introducing all of the members of the team shortly but in the meantime, here is the breakdown of roles and responsibilities and the team members currently in position.

Estates & Stewardship Manager, Nick Freeman (1 full time post)

The Estates & Stewardship Manager will oversee the BVT Lawley Estates and Stewardship team to ensure the delivery of:

  • Estate services
  • Enforcement of covenants in line with the Design Guide
  • Community Development
  • Working in partnership with a number of organisations and agencies to deliver cohesive improvements.

Estate Officers, Nicola Kennedy & Maria Rigby (2 full time posts)

The role of the Estate Officer is to support residents in ensuring the Village retains its character and helps residents understand the requirements set out by the TP1 (transfer document) and the Design Guide. Estate Officers day to day manage the freehold, BVT and other rented homes and leasehold portfolio in Lawley Village.

Estate Caretaker, due to start July 21 (2 full time posts)

This is a newly created role, the caretakers will be responsible for ensuring areas are clean, green and free from litter, graffiti, weeds and anything else that impacts on the look and condition of the Village. They will carry out routine inspections as well as the opportunity to respond to any issues, whilst working in the Village. The caretaker will become an integral part of the community engaging with residents on a daily basis to ensure the Village maintains its distinctive character. Working alongside our landscape colleagues, you’ll see the caretakers maintaining the courtyards and shared spaces.

Community Development and Partnership Officer, Steve Lightfoot (1 full time post)

The Community Development & Partnership Officer is a newly created role and will be working with residents and partner organisations and agencies to deliver activities and projects for the local community. They will work to understand the wishes and requirements of residents to build a calendar of events, projects and campaigns that involve all members of the community and will also empower residents to deliver community activities and become involved with the governance of Lawley Village.

Stewardship Support Officer, Shannon Colley (1 full time post)

The Stewardship Support Officer plays an important role in liaising with Lawley Village Developer group to report and feedback on residents’ issues. They will provide a range of administrative services to the team as well as committees and resident panels. They will also support, and be in attendance, at community events and activities.

Customer Communications Officer, Donna Charway (1 part time post)

This is a newly created role that will help ensure residents are kept up to date with communications, policies and guidelines as well as promoting community engagement activities and celebrating the great people and things happening in Lawley Village.