Property Alterations and Covenants

Why do I need to apply to make an alteration?
Bournville Stewardship Services seeks to ensure that the high quality design and unique character of the development is maintained.  To do this we must check that any proposed alterations are suitable and will not affect the character of the area. Some minor alterations will only require an exchange of letter or email.

All residents entered into a legal agreement when they moved into their property and there are several requirements as part of that agreement to obtain consent from Bournville Stewardship Services before making an alteration.

If you are thinking about making an alteration, no matter how small, you should contact Bournville Stewardship Services first for advice.

The application process can take up to 6 weeks.

Where do I find out more information about making a property alteration?
More information is available here or in the Property Alteration Design Guide that was included in your Welcome Pack when you moved in.  Further copies are available to download here or Stewardship Services direct.

If you would like to discuss an alteration please contact the Estates Team by telephone on 0121 667 1049 or by e-mail at

Do I need to apply for planning permission as well as a property alteration?
In most circumstances yes.  You will always require the consent of Bournville Stewardship Services and in most cases you will also require planning permission from Telford & Wrekin Council. It should be noted that ‘Permitted Development Rights’ have been removed from the development, therefore in a similar way to a conservation area, most alterations require planning permission.

Seek advice from both Telford & Wrekin Council Planning Officers and Bournville Stewardship Services before making any alterations.

 What are covenants?
Covenants are the legal agreements made between residents and Bournville Stewardship Services when the property transfer, lease or tenancy agreement was signed.  Covenants set out the role and responsibilities of Bournville Stewardship Services, to collect the Community Charge and require residents to perform certain actions, for example, to apply for consent to make alterations to their property, maintain the appearance of their property and to put bins away after collection.

What does Bournville Stewardship Services do if a covenant is breached?
Residents must follow the rules and agreements (the covenants).  If they do not and
‘breach’ the covenant, in the first instance, Bournville Stewardship Services will contact the resident involved and work with them to resolve the breach.  If this is not successful then Bournville Stewardship Services can take legal action against the resident to rectify the breach.

The breach can also be registered with the Land Registry, preventing any sale or remortgage of the property without the breach being rectified.