Revised Property Alteration Design Guide

Revised Property Alteration Design Guide

The Property Alteration Design Guide (The Guide) is in place to support residents in ensuring that the agreed legal obligations within the transfer documents (TP1) are adhered to.

Below is an extract from the Design Guide (which can be found here

The Deed of Covenant within the transfer documents, signed at the time you purchased your property, states that you are not permitted “to erect on any part of the Property any building or structure of any kind nor to carry out or permit the carrying out of any structural alterations or additions to the Property which shall be visible from the exterior of the Property without the prior written consent of the Long Term Stewardship Provider (whose consent may be granted or withheld in its absolute discretion).

A revised edition, the first to be resident led, is due to launched in August 2021

The Lawley Management Committee (LMC) and Bournville Village Trust (BVT) Estates and Stewardship Team have redesigned the Guide to provide clearer guidance for residents. Understandably, there are many different opinions and feelings about the requirements in the guide but we hope this edition reflects the majority of residents’ views.

Prior to the updated guide being launched, we are inviting all residents to have their say about it.

You can read the revised Guide here

and give us your feedback via a questionnaire here

The deadline to complete the questionnaire is 9am Monday 5 July.

The Deed of Covenant means any alteration ‘large or small’ which has a visual impact on the design or character of the buildings or gardens, or could change the streetscape will require approval from BVT before any work can commence͘.

BVT provides the Long Term Estates and Stewardship services and we can be contacted as follows:

Bournville Village Trust
Cherry Tree House
Lightmoor Way
Lightmoor Village
Telford, TF4 3TX
Telephone: 01952 898 524
Email: LawleyStewardship@bvt͘.org͘.uk

The above is until we have moved into Lawley Village

Prior to submitting your application, you can contact us to discuss your proposal. Team members can guide you through the process at no cost.  You should obtain approval for any alteration before signing any contracts or making any changes to your property.

Remember even if we approve and authorise your proposals, you may still require planning approval from Telford & Wrekin Council (further information is available from

You may also need other statutory consents or approvals, such as Building Regulations and the agreement of your mortgage lender͘.

The Guide is there to assist you, so please let us know your thoughts by completing the questionnaire. The deadline for submitting the questionnaire is 9am Monday 5th July 2021