Lawley Design Guide

BVT is responsible for ensuring the design and character of Lawley Village is maintained to a high standard. The Design Guide supports this and has recently been revised. The new Design is available from here

The Design Guide includes;

  • Guidance on property/garden alterations and extensions, building materials and the enforcement of breaches to the Design Guide.
  • How we work with you and other partners to ensure estates are well maintained to an agreed standard.

As part of our aim to create distinctive and environmentally-sustainable places, we wanted to create a new Design Guide fit for the 21st century and beyond. For the past few months we carried out a full review of our Design Guide, consulting with residents, the Lawley Management Committee and BVT staff. Understandably there was a wide range of opinions and views about the rules but we have tried to ensure they reflect the consensus whilst complying with the legal requirements of the TP1 and enabling us to fulfil our duties as the long term stewards of the Village.

For more information about questions raised and how we’ve addressed them in the Design Guide, go to


Members of the BVT Lawley team are available to discuss any aspect of the Design Guide as well as guide you through the process as required. This is part of the service provided by us as long term stewards. If you have any questions or queries about the Design Guide please call 01952 898524 or email