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Altering the External Doors to Your Property

Are you considering making an alteration to the doors at your property?

If you are thinking about making an alteration to any external door on the property approval is needed from Bournville Stewardship Services.

Did you know each area is planned with its own character designs? It is the role of the Stewardship Team to ensure those character styles remain to keep the village looking like a great place to live.


Apply to make an alteration to your door.


Installing an additional door

If you are thinking about installing an additional door, here are a few things we would need with your application:

  • A plan highlighting the location the door is to be installed (To scale where possible).
  • A picture of the proposed door.
  • A picture of the existing door.
  • The material specifications of the door to be installed.


Changing the design of your external door/s

In some cases it may not be possible to change the style of your external doors. Within Lawley Village there are pattern schemes which need to be retained where possible, if you reside in a phase which has multiple styles of doors it may be possible to change to a different style.

If you reside in a property where the street has a consistent design which does not differ, the style will need to remain the same.

If you are not sure what styles are available to you, please contact us.


Changing the colour of your external doors.

It may be possible to change the colour of your external doors depending on the patterns and schemes in your area. If you are looking to change the colour of your door, you may wish to contact the Stewardship Team prior to submitting an application to ensure you are able to do this. When you get in touch, an Estates Officer will visit the phase you reside on in order to see what options you are able to change to.

There are some streets where changing the colour would not be possible. For example, if the street you reside on has doors that are the same colour, this is a specific character scheme that will need to be retained.


Design guidance

All additional external or garage doors, or alterations to existing external doors or garage doors, require written approval from Bournville Stewardship Services.

Changing the door colour may be permitted if the proposed colour is in keeping with the colours used on that area of the Village.

If additional alterations are permitted you will be expected to use materials which match or compliment the original materials at your property.

For more information and guidance, please see the Property Alterations Design Guide.


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