Lawley Village is the largest new development in Telford and when completed, will comprise of 3,550 new homes, a range of shops, a primary school and other amenities. The Development is being delivered by a consortium of developers in partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency. To find out more information about the development click here

In order to ensure that the development is a long term success, the developers appointed BVT Lawley Village, part of Bournville Village Trust (BVT), to manage much of the public open space, preserve the character of the area and encourage a strong community spirit. We call this Long Term Stewardship.

To find out more about BVT and the role of Long Term Stewardship browse the pages above.

We offer the opportunity for residents to have their say on the services provided to them and influence how Lawley Village is managed. Collectively these activities are known as Long Term Stewardship.