Long Term Stewardship

What is Long Term Stewardship?

Long Term Stewardship (LTS) encompasses two key strands of work, Estate Management and Resident Involvement.  The overarching goal of LTS is to help foster and sustain an attractive and vibrant community now and in the future.

The Estate Management side of LTS includes the provision of the following services, the Environmental Technician, the enforcement of covenants, estate inspections and  walkabouts and property and garden alteration controls.  The purpose of Estate Management is to enhance and protect the appearance of the Lawley Village, to find out more click here.

The Community Development and Involvement side of LTS provides residents the opportunity to get involved with the management and decision making processes of Lawley Village.  It also  offers the opportunity to meet other residents to create and enhance good community spirit whilst creating a sustainable development, to find out more click here.

 What are the benefits of Long Term Stewardship?

The primary aim of LTS is to protect and enhance Lawley Village both aesthetically and through community building.

A list of the direct day to day benefits which residents receive, both now and in the future, can be found here.

On top of the direct benefits which residents gain from the LTS process, residents also indirectly receive enhanced property values by managing alterations, protecting and enhancing the environment and encouraging community spirit.